Characteristics of the PET Preform Mould


    What is the performance and characteristics of the PET Preform Mould?

    1, wear resistance

    When the blank is plastic degenerated in the mold cavity, both the outer surface of the cavity moves and slides along the outer surface of the cavity to cause violent conflict between the appearance of the cavity and the blank, and then the die is worn due to abrasion

    Failure. Therefore, the wear resistance of the mold is the most basic, one of the most important performance.

    Hardness is the primary factor affecting wear resistance. Under normal circumstances, the higher the hardness of the bottle cap mold parts, the smaller the wear, the better the wear resistance. In addition, wear resistance is also with

    Capital guess carbide species, quantity, shape, size and distribution.

    2. Strong tolerance

    Die operating conditions are mostly very bad, and some often accept a larger impact load, and then lead to brittle cracking. Mold parts in order to avoid sudden rupture when die

    To have a higher strength and patience.

    Mold resistance mainly depends on the carbon content of the material, grain size and scheduling conditions.

    3. Tired cracking performance

    Mold work process, the long-term effects of cyclic stress, often lead to fatigue cracking. The way there are small energy repeatedly tired fatigue cracking, stretching tired tired touch

    Touch tired tired cracking and bending fatigue.

    Mold fatigue cracking performance depends mainly on its strength, patience, hardness, as well as Guess the inclusion content.

    4. High temperature performance

    When the mold operating temperature higher, will make the hardness and strength decreased, leading to mold premature wear or plastic deformation failure. Therefore, the mold information should be higher

    Anti-tempering stability, to ensure that the mold in the operating temperature, with high hardness and strength.

    5. Resistance to hot and cold fatigue performance

    Some molds in the process of operation in a state of repeated heating and cooling, so that the appearance of the cavity by the pull, the effect of stress-induced stress, causing the appearance of cracks and fall off, increase the red

    Suddenly, prevent plastic deformation, reduce the scale accuracy, and then lead to mold failure. Hot and cold exhaustion is one of the primary ways of hot die failure, to help such mold should be

    Has a high resistance to hot and cold fatigue performance.

    6. Corrosion resistance

    Some bottle cap molds such as Plastic Bottle Mould work, because plastic guess there are chlorine, fluorine and other elements, after heating decomposition decomposition HCI, HF and other corrosive gases, corrosion mold

    Cavity appearance, increase its appearance roughness, wear and tear increase failure.