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  • Becoming a new player doesn't present you with any sort of advantage or negative aspect really. It's not a particularly cut-throat game, so it's not like you will be going up against individuals who been playing for decades and feel like you're twenty measures behind. There's also always men and women at your level as well, involving new players returning using mobile and people making brand-new accounts. There's also a wealth of knowledge/guides available online, so if you don't know a thing it's fairly easy to look upwards... And there are a ton of CC's (clan chats) you can find on the public RS forums that would function a way for you to connect with reduce weight make friends and maybe find a instructor of sorts.

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    If you're the person that likes setting the purpose for themselves and the feeling you obtain when you accomplish that aim, then this game is for anyone. Progression is slow. You may literally put thousands of time into the game without maxing, and I don't think there's a one person that can really say they have already fully 100% "beaten" the adventure (Only 1 person possesses 200m in all skills, along with I'm pretty sure he doesn't always have all the pets in the game). There's literally nearly a infinite amount of goals you may set for yourself ranging from issues that take an hour to issues that will take you months or decades.

    If you're the kind of person that expands on PvP, OSRS are possibly not for you. There is a PvP landscape, but as a new player you will be at a huge negative aspect. Most of the people that are into PvP have been doing it for years along with years. The combat technique has a really low skill floors and really high skill hat, so if you're willing to that time into practicing along with understand that you're going to get beat along for the first few months (after spending a few months making a forex account that's PvP worthy) subsequently give it a shot. If you think you can only log in and stand the possibility in PvP in your early weeks, you're going to be sorely disappointed.