Introduction to wax paper

  • A paper made by applying a waxy coating on the base paper and then repeatedly rubbing it with vermiculite to produce gloss. Has a very high gloss. Good appearance performance (no holes, no spots, no large dust). Higher tensile strength and tear strength.

    Most of the wax paper base paper uses wood pulp, and some grass pulp can also be used. Wax paper is white and bleached. Can be dyed into different colors according to the needs of the product. Silica (quartz powder) is used as a white pigment, and some high melting point waxes are added. The adhesive is preferably animal glue. After coating, it is repeatedly polished on a grindstone polisher. There are also papers that are not coated, and the waxing effect is obtained only by rubbing the vermiculite. Used for decoration, fine packaging and other occasions.

    Wax paper is a kind of high-priced wrapping paper. Wax paper has excellent packaging performance and high cost performance; it will be very beautiful in packaging most products. It not only allows you to see what is hidden behind it, but also does not make the image appear too clear, so it can create a very embarrassing feeling for us. Wax paper is widely used in many packaging industries. Can also be used as a gift wrapping paper.

    Regular thickness: 22 grams, 24 grams, 26 grams, 30 grams, 31 grams, 39 grams, 43 grams, etc.

    Regular size: Sheet: 30"*40", 74CM*99CM, 75CM*100CM, Roll: 20CM*120CM

    Main features: Wax paper material adopts all-wood paddle original paddle, uniform tensile strength, smooth and moisture-proof, good printing adaptability.