This Woman corsets wholesale Designs Cardboard Costumes For Her

  • Dogs corsets wholesale are awesome, especially when they're willing to play along with your silly antics and creativity.

    A long gown dress Japanese woman named Semba from Saitama Prefecture, Japan is gaining a following on social media for her wacky cardboard photos starring her dog.

    If you happen to own your own furry best friend, you know getting them to pose for photos is way easier said than done.

    For Semba, things look quite easy, and it's all thanks to her dog named Chihuahua-mametaro. I'm not kidding… That really is his name (and you're jealous, admit it).

    Chihuahua-mametaro loves to play dress-up with Semba's unique cardboard cutouts designed after manga, anime and cartoon characters, according to BuzzFeed.

    So, where did the inspiration to create these special cutouts stem from?

    I gradually started drawing a dog's face, Mickey Mouse and other characters. The designs are based on manga, animemovie characters, or Japanese playing cards. They are things that I like.

    Now, I know Semba's cardboard creations are all the talk, but can we talk about Chihuahua-mametaro?!

    I mean, I've never seen a dog who is willing to stay still for more than two seconds with the sole purpose of capturing the perfect photo.

    As a matter of fact, whenever I attempt to snap photos of my dog, he literally turns his face away on purpose.

    But this little guy? He was born for this shit…

    Meet Chihuahua-mametaro, a cute little pup with enough patience to sit still and pose for priceless photos with his owner's cardboard art.

    During an interview with BuzzFeed, Semba revealed, "The main character is the non-moving dog and my art skill is secondary."

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