Household Molds

  • Household molds are caused by moisture in the house or home. Molds reproduce by means of small spores that cannot be seen by the human eye. Outdoors, molds are useful in disposing of trees that have rotted and fallen or plant life. Inside the home, molds cause allergies and sickness. When molds land on wet surfaces such as walls, floors, or under carpeting, they multiply. Household molds are commonly found in areas of the country that have a humidity of sixty percent or higher.

    Causes of household molds:

    Moisture is the common key to household molds. Areas of a home that are unventilated, such as basements and attics, are more susceptible to mold than other areas of the home. Leaky roofs and windows can also allow moisture into the walls of the home. Mold can then grow inside the walls. While the mold may not be visible to the dwellers inside the home, it can still cause health problems.

    Many times, mold grows within the walls and is not detected by the occupants of the home until it has multiplied to such a degree that the mold begins to "leak out" onto the outer walls. Other mold breeding grounds within the home include under the kitchen or bathroom sink, along the baseboard behind the washing machine, and corners of the bathroom near the shower.

    How to detect household molds:

    1. Look - Check the walls within the home, under the sinks, the attic, basement, bathroom, and behind the washing machine. Look for patches of grey, white, green, or black, fuzzy growth. Check walls and ceilings for signs of water leakage.

    2. Smell - Although smelling a musty, damp odor can be a first warning of mold, it is important to know not all molds have a discernible odor. Molds that are hidden deep within the walls may often have no odor at all.

    3. Consult a certified inspector - While household mold tests are sold, many professionals believe that they are not as accurate as having a professional do a visual inspection. Certified professionals know where to look for hidden mold.

    If anyone in the home suddenly begins to suffer from asthma, a cold that will not go away, chronic fatigue, unrelenting headaches, or a combination of symptoms, there is the possibility that household molds are the culprit. Removing the mold from the home removes symptoms and returns the occupants to good health.