Coolsculpting: during, after, recovery and cost

  • Now that you have made the decision to go for the fat reduction without surgery procedure, it is vital that you know about the procedure. First of all, you need to find out if you are a suitable candidate. Not everybody can qualify for the procedure. You need to visit a licensed practioner to determine if you qualify. A suitable candidate is one with subcutaneous fat which you can tug on. You should also have realistic expectations.


    During the procedure

    The best non invasive fat reduction treatment time will vary depending on the area being treated. However, most treatments last for only 35 minutes per area. That is enough time  take a nap as the procedure is being done. There are areas that take 45 to 60 minutes. You can even have multiple areas treated in one day. The common areas that you can have treated include bra fat, love handles, upper arms, inner or outer thighs and back fat.

    After the treatment

    Cool sculpting is safe and effective since it is FDA approved. It targets the fat cells underneath the skin. The treated cells become frozen and eventually die. The body will begin to naturally eliminate the  fat cells. The result is a sculptured body. However, keep in mind that the procedure cannot be used as a weight loss method. It is a non surgical way to reduce stubborn fat. You will expect a 25% percent fat reduction in the treated area.

    When results become visible

    You can see visible results within a month but the final results is in three months. You can reach your coolsculpting goals by going for multiple area treatment.


    There is no single coolsculpting treatment cost for the procedure. The cost is affected by many factors. You need to ask your provider how much it will cost. You can decide on the areas to be treated after determining the coolsculpting cost per area. If you want to have many areas treated, you should be prepared to part with higher amount. You can determine the price by going for in person consultation.

    Now that you know what to expect before, coolsculpting cost, during and after the procedure, you can go ahead and meet with your practitioner. You and the practioner will come up with a treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals. You can set up the treatment and have the body shape you have always dreamt of.

    Coolculpting is not for everybody. You should not have the procedure if you have cold agglutinin disease, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria or cryoglobulinemia. You need to inform your doctor before hand if you have any of these illnesses. It is also necessary to tell the practitioner if you have undergone recent surgery.

    During the procedure, you can have tugging, pulling, intense cold, aching and even cramping at the area being treated. The sensations will go away as the area becomes numb.

    After the procedure, you may experience redness, firmness, tenderness, blanching, and skin sensitivity. However, these are common and will go away on their own as the area begins to heal.

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