7 Tips to Improve Coolsculpting Results

  • If you have fat that does not seem to go away even after following a diet plan and exercises, then it my be time to try cool body sculpting. There are some ways you can use to improve the non invasive treatment results.  Coolsculpting uses cold temperature to freeze the stubborn fat cells.


    You will get a permanent result from the nonsurgical treatment. You can consult with your coolsculpting clinics near me to identify the area to be treated. There are some areas where you may need additional treatment to achieve the desired results. Keep in mind that you can only use cool sculpting to treat stubborn fat and not as a weight loss method. It is an ideal for people with stable weight. The procedure can remove up to 25 percent of fat cells.

    There are people who see the results within three weeks after treatment. Dramatic results are visible after two months. The body continues to expel the dead fat cells for almost six months.

    Healthy lifestyle

    One of the ways to improve the coolsculpting recovery is to embrace a healthy lifestyle. You also have to exercise regularly. These two options will help you optimize the results. It takes time before the fat cells are completely expelled from the body so you must be careful with what you eat. If you go back to your old habits, you may not get the desired results.


    It is also necessary to maintain an exercise regime and be mindful on the food you eat. If you have never exercised, you need to ask your doctor if there are restrictions.

    Improved diet

    You can improve your diet by eating whole foods. It is advisable to stay away from the frozen and processed foods. If you were used to eating midnight snacks, you have to forget about them. Sugary treats are also not advisable. You should eat fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins. You can also opt for juicing to speed up the process.

    Drink plenty of water

    Doctors suggest that you should increase your intake of water after the coolsculpting treatment. When your body is hydrated, it will flush out the toxins better.


    You can massage the area after the treatment for about five minutes. The massage will reduce fat reduction vs weight loss by 68% after two months of undergoing the procedure. The massage is mostly done by the doctor. It is done in a circular movement using the finger pads.

    Vibrational therapy

    The other way you can use to improve results from coolsculpting is vibrational therapy. The therapy stimulates the lymphatic drainage. The therapy helps to increase waste elimination.  You can confirm with your doctor if they offer this therapy.

    Repeated treatment

    Going for follow up treatment will also be worthwhile in the coolsculpting results stomach. You can go for a second session six weeks after the first treatment.  The additional treatments can maximize results. Adding sessions help to get deeper into the deeper fat layers and increase fat reduction process.

    You can follow the above tips to help improve your coolsculpting results. The result is contoured bodies that will help boost your self confidence.

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