Benefits of cool sculpt fat freezing treatment

  • That's right, one of the conditions that most headaches occasion in the body of all is having localized fat, which always occurs where you least want it: legs, buttocks, abdomen, hips, arms, etc., and that to varear, it is not easy to try to eliminate it, because sometimes, despite doing physical activity and eating well, they do not prevent it from appearing.


    In addition, localized fat ends up distorting and breaking the harmony that exists in our body. Due to its characteristics, it seems that it is an eternal problem, that despite making a life very attached to exercise, doing sit-ups, squats, cycling, running, walking, swimming, they are not enough to end the problem, since the aforementioned activities do manage to reduce weight, volume and height, but in itself, it does not focus solely on a single body area.

    On the other hand, thanks to the innovation in aesthetics and advances, comes a treatment that manages to end this fight so tired that represents having localized fat, cool sculpt fat freezing treatment.

    What is the Criosculpting?

    CrioSculpting consists in applying a temperature up to -7 degrees during a controlled time, the damage and subsequent crystallization of the cells is achieved by cellular apostosis. This treatment eliminates fat without damaging the tissues.

    Where to get coolsculpting done

    It is a new non-invasive method to reduce fat progressively and effectively, with visible and natural results. In best Aesthetic Medicine clinics, top rated coolsculpting near me will advise you on this technique in our first free visit, to determine if it is the most appropriate treatment.

    This procedure is based on Cryotherapy an advanced cooling technique that removes body fat cells selectively.

    How does coolsculpting work?

    The Criosculpting is based on applying cooling panels in the area where you want to lose fat and volume. When fat cells are exposed to cold they are gradually eliminated through the body's metabolic process, naturally.

    It is a controlled procedure because it is applied manually. This is a non-painful treatment; the only thing the patient can feel is a feeling of tightness and coldness. The results are permanent as long as the patient does not regain weight in a relevant way.

    Advantage of CrioSculpting

    CrioSculpting a latest fat reduction treatment allows reducing and reaffirming at the same time, reducing several centimeters of contour in a single session. Check it!

    • No needles, no scalpel and no scars.
    • It does not need anesthesia.
    • You can continue with your normal life immediately after each session.
    • It is a totally safe treatment.
    • The effects can last permanently if you watch your diet and exercise.

    For whom is this treatment indicated?

    This treatment can be applied in women and men who want to eliminate persistent localized fat.

    That is, it is ideal to eliminate local adiposities in areas such as abdomen, waist, back, arms, cartridge belts without having to undergo surgery.

    How long is the session? How many sessions do I need?

    The time of each session usually lasts 1 hour depending on the area treated, although if it is a large area, we may require more time.

    Depending on the extent of the area to be treated and the depth, more than one session may be necessary, but, generally, no more than two sessions are required to achieve well-known results.

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