Five cases tell you the great potential of prefabricated buildi

  • Prefabrication is not a new concept for architecture, but its use can be said to be continuously improving. The use of prefabricated materials can reduce costs while being more sustainable and efficient. However, in order to achieve this, there must be a clear construction process, respecting the architectural intent and combining the whole structure with the architectural facilities. In this way, the work can be completed in the shortest time, and labor and maintenance costs and waste of materials are reduced.

    The following five selected projects use prefabricated materials and demonstrate their benefits to creative design strategies. Read on to learn how architects describe their prefabricated projects.

    1.Nova Casa Triângulo / Metro Arquitetos Associados

    "Designers chose more efficient building materials in the detail deepening stage because prefabricated building materials do not need to be over-processed in the construction process. PC boards and cement boards applied in building facades and main exhibition areas, as well as steel frames covering ceilings, are examples of prefabricated materials. "

    2.#48 Zero Energia / Skilpod + UAU Collective

    "After building a large number of prototype buildings (steel structure, wood structure, battery building, steel wood, etc.), they began to use CLT: cross composite wood. CLT is not cheap, but it is a good construction method for our application: high strength, good thermal performance, fast production, almost no thermal bridge, convenient transportation, stable construction (such as crane lifting), and it has been used in very beautiful interior decoration (so it does not need to use mortar that is easy to crack). "

    3.Refúgio em Finca Aguy / MAPA

    "Prefabricated houses are produced in a controlled environment and are elaborately made. They produce in factories and are taken to their final destination. "

    4.Casa de Madeira / Estudio Borrachia

    "This house not only provides a timely and specific response to the design and construction problems, but also studies the verification of a series of studies on low cost and rapid implementation of system prefabrication over the years."

    5.Estúdio Madalena / Apiacás Arquitetos

    "A limited budget is a prerequisite for this project. To this end, we followed the construction method of the office recently working in the same community: "the world bar is constructed of metal structure and precast concrete panels, which speeds up the execution time. Our office developed this prefabricated system in order to subvert the use of materials widely used in Brazil. Concrete, which is usually used for concrete slabs, is used here for building sealing. A pair of slabs can form a variable height cavity wall 25cm wide. "

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