Healing Properties, Uses, And Benefits Of Alexandrite Gemstone

  • Alexandrite belongs to the oxide class of minerals. It was named after Alexander II, the former czar of Russia. The gemstone is found in Myanmar, Australia, Russia, Madagascar, Brazil, and India. The stones have a red-violet color when in incandescent light and it looks blue-violet when in daylight. The synthetic Alexandrite is cheaper than natural Alexandrite.

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    Healing properties

    Alexandrite balances the glandular and nervous system. It also soothes the tension and inflammation on the neck muscles. The gemstone also eases leukemia symptoms. Alexandrite supports the reproductive organs, pituitary glands, pancreas, and neurological tissue. If you have had a problem assimilating proteins, then check the synthetic alexandrite value and buy it. It also stimulates the liver and ensures that it is working at its peak performance.


    When it comes to your feelings, alexandrite inspires your imagination. It helps you to listen to your inner voice and feelings. Wearing the synthetic gemstones give you emotional maturity and encourages you to find joy in life. The stone for sale strengthens your will power. You can easily assess your emotions and react to them in the right way. It also enhances the feelings of creativity. Look at the synthetic Alexandrite price and proceed with purchasing it. For massage involving the heart and feelings of calmness, the stone will be of great help.


    The alexandrite gemstone centers your mind and boosts your self-esteem. It opens you to the surrounding vibrations. The gemstone can show two colors and ensure that you an issue from both sides.


    The swiss blue topaz is also known realigns the spirit, emotion and the mind. It opens the metaphysical abilities and creates personal magnetism. The gemstone also acts as a guardian stone and royal power symbol. It is a spiritual purifier. You can easily connect with divine love and divine knowledge. Alexandrite is closely related to Atlantean and ancient Egyptian energies. It can help priestesses and priests to recover the ancient sacred knowledge.


    You can be aggressive when you have an out of balance base chakra. Having an out of balance chakra can lead to bursts of jealousy, anger and blaming other people for any issues that occur in your life. You may also feel unloved or need confirmation of your self-worth. Wearing the stone relieves the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. It reduces your desire for being manipulative and overly possessive. Use the stone to awaken your awareness of past life talents. Use it also to ease any unwanted fears that you have.

    Increases touch feelings

    Alexandrite increases the sensitivity to touch. You will be able to feel an object that you touch. It is of great help when you have less sensation when you touch objects or people. It increases the sensitivity on your fingers.

    Helps in fighting blood cancer

    The alexandrite stone is useful in fighting blood cancer. It will destroy the harmful cancer cells and increases the healthy cells. Thus, it helps the body to renew itself.

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