Benefits of wearing the Ethiopian Opal

  • Ethiopian opal crystals are suitable for use in psychic development. They can be used for meditation purposes to boost one’s ability to see the future. The crystals are protective and will provide an energetic barrier around you. They help in the strengthening psychic communication and even enhance intuition.


     The white gemstones will help change the way you think. It also helps in decision making. If you are looking to boost creativity, you can get this crystal. The stone is also good for your health and if has healing properties. It will help with weight related issues. If you are looking to create a positive environment, the Ethiopian opal will come in handy. It works by transmuting the negativity around you.

    Opal comes from the word Opallios meaning change in color. It is connected with the way opal detracts light. The gem comes from Shewa province in Ethiopia. They were first found in the 1990s. All opal has up to 10% water content. That is why the gem has a translucent appearance. There are many reasons why you should own an loose gemstones for sale.

    One of the reasons why you should buy the opal gem is because it assists you to communicate better. It not only boosts your psychic communication but the normal communication as well. If you want to meditate, you need to get the crystal. They will allow you to make connections with beings of light. The gemstone is also used as a barrier against any kind of negativity.

    Making connections with the higher realms has been made easier when you use the opal from Ethiopia. It will act as guidance when making such connections. It will improve intuition and enhance precognitive ability.

    If you are trying to achieve something but you think there is a blockage, then you need to get an opal. The stone works by discovering if there are any kinds of blockages. Also just gazing at the stones before you meditate will help with inner explorations. Such inner explorations will help in your psychic communication.

    The stones have healing attributes that will be beneficial to the wearer. It can help with health issues such as problems with the lungs. It can also assist those who have mental problems of depression.

    The stones are also known to help with skin problems. It will also help with nervous system. The vibration of the stones will assist in physical and emotional healing. It is also useful for those who have eating disorders. It works by keeping your weight stable so you will not be underweight or overweight.

    Any past feelings of anger will be a thing of the past with this stone. It will help you to let go of any feelings of negativity.  You can release the negative feelings which may be causing you to gain unnecessary weight. During the healing process, the stones will absorb any kind of negativity. Make sure that you cleanse your opal crystal before using them.

    There are just some of the benefits that you will get when you use the amethyst stones for sale.

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