Why Does The Daily Necessities Mould Burst?

  • In recent years, China's moulds have developed rapidly, and the technology has also been greatly improved. However, there is still a certain gap at the international level. If we use moulds, there will be some troubles, such as: bursting in the process of using Daily Necessities Mould(FURNITUREMOULD), this is also A serious flaw in China's mould technology, what is the crack of the daily necessities mould?

    Analysis of the causes of daily necessities mould burst:

    1. The mould material is not easily broken in subsequent processing

    2. Heat treatment

    3. Improper quenching and tempering technology, resulting in insufficient mould flatness

    4. Bending deformation design process: the mould strength is not enough, the blade spacing is too close, the mould structure is not reasonable, the template block does not have enough plate support

    5. Wire cutting misconduct: wire cutting, gap error, no clear angle

    6. According to the selected equipment: pressure tonnage, the punching force is not enough, the variable is too deep

    7. The stripping is: there is no demagnetization before production, no returning the tip material, production awareness: lamination stamping, positioning is not in place, no air gun is used, template There are cracks, how to continue to produce mould anti-spray: stamping equipment, stamping equipment, stamping die stamping precision and rigidity are very important. The equipment is rigid, high precision and the die life is greatly improved, especially the small gap or gapless die carbide. Moulds and precision stamping dies must choose higher precision and better rigid pressure, otherwise, it will reduce the life of the mould and seriously damage the daily necessities.

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