The Main Steps of The Dustbin Mould Test(2)

  • Develop a standard Dustbin Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) test program that can be used to establish daily work methods.

    1. Make reasonable adjustments to reduce the total processing cycle.

    2. Operate the new transfer conditions for at least 30 minutes to stabilize, then continuously produce at least a dozen full-size products, mark the date and quantity on the accessories, and place them according to the dustbin mould points to test the stability of the actual operation and obtain reasonable Control tolerances. (especially valuable for porous moulds).

    3. Measure the continuous sample and record its important dimensions (wait for the sample to cool to room temperature).

    4. When comparing the size of each sample, you should pay attention to whether the size is stable.

    There is a tendency for certain sizes to increase or decrease when the machine condition is still changing, such as poor temperature control or oil pressure control.

    Whether the dimensional change is within tolerance.

    5. If the finished product size remains the same and the processing conditions are normal, it must be observed whether the finished product quality of each dustbin mould point is acceptable and its dimensions are within the allowable tolerances. Record the number of holes that are continuously measured or larger or smaller than the average to check the correct size of the dustbin mould.

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