The Main Steps of The Dustbin Mould Test (1)

  • In order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and mass production, it is necessary to patiently adjust and control various processing conditions, find the best temperature and pressure conditions, and develop a standard Dustbin Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) test program that can be used to establish daily work.

    1. Check that the plastic in the bucket is correct and that it is baked as specified (if different materials are used in the dustbin mould testing and production, different results may be obtained).

    2. The material tube should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent poor stripping material or mixed material from entering the dustbin mould, as poor stripping material and mixed material may clog the mould. Test the temperature of the tube and mould for the material.

    3. Adjust the pressure and the injection volume to make the finished product have a satisfactory appearance, but do not wear the burrs, especially if some of the cavity products are not completely solidified, before changing various control conditions, because the mould filling rate is slightly changed. This can result in significant bin filling changes.

    4. Wait patiently until the machine and mould are in a stable state, that is, the medium machine can wait for more than 30 minutes. You can use this time to see possible problems with the finished product.

    5. The duration of the screw advancement must not be shorter than the solidification time of the gate plastic, otherwise, the weight of the finished product will be reduced and the performance of the finished product will be damaged. And when the dustbin mould is heated, it is also necessary to extend the screw advancement time to compact the finished product.

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