Working Condition of The Dustbin Mould

  • When using the Dustbin Mould(FURNITUREMOULD), the working conditions of the mould are very wide, and the working conditions of the various moulds are very different. Therefore, the materials used to make the dustbin mould have a wide range, and the application of the mould material in the mould material is mould steel. From ordinary carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy structural steel, alloy tool steel, spring steel, high speed tool steel, stainless steel heat resistant steel to maraging steel and special mould powder high speed steel, powder high alloy mould steel Die steel can generally be divided into three categories: cold work die steel, hot work die steel and plastic die steel.

    Cold work die steel

    Cold work dies steel is mainly used to make moulds for cold pressed forming workpieces. Such as cold die, cold die, cold drawing dies, stamping die, cold extrusion die, thread die and powder die. Cold work dies steels cover a wide range of carbon tool steels, alloy tool steels, high-speed tool steels, powder high-speed tool steels, and powder high alloy die steels.

    Hot work die steel

    Hot work dies steel is mainly used to manufacture moulds for press working on workpieces at high temperatures. Such as hot forging die, hot extrusion dies, die-casting die, hot die. Commonly used hot work die steels are: medium and high carbon alloy die steel, alloying elements such as Cr, W, Mo, V; special hot work die steel, sometimes made of high alloy austenitic heat resistant die steel.

    Plastic mould steel

    Due to the variety of plastics, the requirements for plastic products vary widely, and various performance requirements are imposed on the materials used to make plastic moulds. Therefore, many industrial developed countries have formed a wide range of plastic mould steel. Including carbon structural steel, carburized plastic mould steel, pre-hardened plastic mould steel, age hardened plastic mould steel, corrosion-resistant plastic mould steel, free-cutting plastic mould steel, integral hardened plastic mould steel, maraging steel and plastic mould Mirror polished steel.

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