Solutions to Damage on The Surface or Inside of Household Produ

  • In order to reduce or eliminate the erosion of corrosive plastics on the surface of Household Product Mould(FURNITUREMOULD), their decomposition products, electroplating may be most helpful. The electroplater must know exactly what the attack media is suggesting appropriate e. Gold has been used for some very corrosive substances. Chromium is attacked by some decomposition products, and stainless steel is not susceptible to corrosion. Nickel plates appear to be second only to corrosion-resistant gold plates. It must be recognized that the plating may not completely cover the surface to be protected. This fact requires great care in the moulding chamber to avoid overheating of the compound that caused the attack.

    In addition to mould temperature control of household products and prevention of excessive heating in the plasticizing cylinder, corrosion can be minimized by reducing the mould filling speed of the household product and providing sufficient ventilation. Reducing the mould filling speed of household products can be achieved by machine control and by increasing the size of the runners and gates. Friction heat from a small gate is easy to cure. Venting at the end of the chamber, plus additional vents along the way, reduces back pressure and allows for reduced temperature along the way. In some cases, it helps to vent the runner system.

    Not all damage to household moulds is limited to the moulded surface. Despite the use of a well-designed water treatment system, rust and salt deposits form inside the heating or cooling channels. Exquisite household product mould having respective thin steel wall portions separating the inner and outer surfaces have been found to rust from the inside. The best practice for nickel plating in these internal areas is. The electroless nickel plating solution can be pumped through the water pipe, and since the process does not depend on the passage of current, if the cleaning has been thoroughly cleaned prior to plating, the plating develops uniformly. This must be done before any rust.

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