Controlling The Manufacturing Cost of Table Mould from EDM Tech

  • In the process of Table Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) manufacturing, many table mould manufacturers pay more attention to the cost problem. It is well known that EDM and high-speed milling are the key processes for making table mould. These two processes compete with each other and complement each other. With the continuous development of superhard tools, drive technology, machine tools and control technology, high-speed milling, and EDM technology are widely used in manufacturing, so EDM technology also determines the cost of table mould manufacturing.

    EDM processes, such as deeper, narrower or cavities with very small fillet radii and parts with complex geometries, and more than high-speed milling when machining hardness over 60HRC table mould parts Good technical and economic advantages. It can be seen that through the combination of high-speed milling and EDM, the advantages are complemented, that is, the EDM machine and the high-speed milling machine are connected into one unit or one system through industrial robots and workpiece storage. Processing, thereby improving production efficiency, reducing the cost per piece, improving machining accuracy and shortening production process time and delivery time, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

    EDM technology is widely used in the development of superhard tools, drive technology, machine tools, and control technology. In order to control the process of table mould processing, it is necessary to improve the EDM process.

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