Advantages of Hot Runner System in Daily Necessities Mould

  • Advantages of the hot runner system in Daily Necessities Mould(FURNITUREMOULD):

    (1) Water-free material, no post-processing is required, which makes the whole moulding process completely automatic, saves working time and improves work efficiency.

    (2) The pressure loss is small. The hot runner temperature is equal to the temperature of the injection moulding machine nozzle, avoiding surface condensation of the raw material in the runner, and the injection pressure loss is small.

    (3) Repeated use of the nozzle material will degrade the performance of the plastic, and the use of the hot runner system without the nozzle material can reduce the loss of raw materials and thus reduce the product cost. The temperature and pressure in the cavity are uniform, the stress of the plastic part is small, and the density is uniform. Under a small injection pressure, a shorter moulding time, a better product than the general injection moulding system is injected. For transparent parts, thin parts, large plastic parts or high-demand plastic parts, it can show its advantages, and it can produce larger products with smaller models.

    (4) The hot nozzle adopts standardized and serial design, and is equipped with various nozzle heads for easy interchangeability. The unique design and processing of the electric heating ring can achieve uniform heating temperature and long service life. The hot runner system is equipped with a hot runner plate, a thermostat, etc. The design is exquisite, diverse, easy to use, and stable and reliable.

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