Explain The Design Concept of Dustbin Mould in Many Aspects

  • A good Dustbin Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) designer began to use UG to design a dustbin mould instead of taking a product. After obtaining the product, he considered injection moulding and processing. After these ideas were established, injection moulding began again. Die design is a process, the result we want is that the product can be put into production quickly. Here we will explain the design concept of the dustbin mould from many aspects.

    1. Number of holes and layout of dustbin mould

    All specifications of the moulding machine must be considered, and then the general situation shall be determined. In the few occasions where the number of moulded products produced and the precision of moulded products are high, one hole or 2-4 hole mould shall be used. On the other hand, most types of cavities and cavity groups are used in situations where mass production and lower cost are required.

    2. The dustbin mould determines the line, runner and gate of the mould

    Thus, the basic structure of the mould is determined, and the moulded product is discarded from the extrusion position, thereby also determining the appearance and manufacturing time of the moulded product.

    3. The dustbin mould processing sag and determine the demoulding method

    When the moulded product has a low sag, first determine which method to use. After moulding is completed, take out from the mould, e.g. sub-mould, side core mould and screw out the mould structure. Ejection mechanism generally adopts the structure of ejector pin and sleeve ejector, but if there is no ejector pin trace on the moulded product, scraper method is used for residual occasions and meat thick occasions, or box-shaped and cup-shaped objects. In addition, if the moulded product is polyethylene resin, an air blowing method will be used.

    4. Determination of injection mould cavity and heart-shaped material and its processing method

    According to the hardness and processing method of the mould material, it is decided to adopt the press-in method, embedding method, etc. In addition, in this case, it is necessary to determine the entry and press-in positions or press-in directions.

    5. Decision on temperature control method of trash container mould

    After injection moulding, the mould temperature must be controlled to adapt to the cooling of moulded products. For this purpose, water, coolant, air, etc. Can be used to enter the mould, which determines the cooling method to be used.

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