Dofus Kamas Touch sees its last update of 2019

  • Dofus Kamas Touch sees its last update of 2019 arriving on its own official servers today, and we can say that the job shouldn't have been simple for the production team since this upgrade brings amazing new attributes which will undoubtedly delight the community. The first modification concerns??'s area Cania which benefits from a recasting, with a decrease of its area, the introduction of new locations and families of creatures for players from level 50 to 160. Outfits and new successes are coming complete the overhaul of this play area.

    The next major point of this upgrade is that the redesign of the guards and therefore their bonuses. These protects allow effects that are passive to be obtained by players. These impacts, as well as all the bonuses are intended to be defense-oriented and do not, unlike the defenses in DOFUS PC, increase the offensive power of the character. Ascension Island, this past year released in the match, sees its brand new rotation happen in it change and the monsters present. The ranking is available in real time and comes into play.

    The development within this content has been reviewed to soften the flooring. The ranking has been altered and the rewards have been reviewed. A brand new weapon and two outfits could be crafted by players using tools available in the Ascension Island shop. Also, this upgrade offers balancing on certain equipment but also on classes by reviewing set bonuses. Finally, optimizations are carried out on the different"heavy" ports which proposed a visualization of the inventories (bank, safe, character inventory etc).

    DOFUS, 15 decades of legend: the popular French MMORPG starts a new update! Happy birthday, Dofus! Since its launch on September 1, 2004, the dream world envisioned by Ankama has become the most well-known MMORPG in the world in the area of 15 decades. The chance to Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro return to the background of this game but in addition to all that has led to the point of making it today from it a flagship universe of pop culture.