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    If you are using several Microsoft products and few of them have expired and you are trying to renew them, you will be asked to sign in into your Microsoft account before you can do that. If you know your Microsoft account and password, then it should be fine but in case you have forgotten your Microsoft account or password then you will be stuck in that situation and you will not be able to able to those Microsoft services which requires you to sign in into Microsoft account first. One most important example can be your laptop or computer which is linked to your Microsoft account and you always need to put in your Microsoft account password in your computer in order to login. Now, if you do not know your Microsoft account password which means you will not be able to login into your computer either as it is linked to the same Microsoft account. So, if you are in the same situation and have lost access to your computer or Microsoft account, you need to contact as right away in order to change Microsoft password. Our certified team of technicians will check your Microsoft account details and if recovery options are working, we will be able to reset the password and recover your Microsoft account. In case, if your Microsoft account is hijacked and recovery options are not working anymore then we will need to reset your computer in order to unlink the Microsoft account so that you can log back in into your computer without Microsoft account. Our Microsoft Change Password team is helping people round the clock where you can chat with us and get help with your Microsoft email or other services. If you are using your emails on mobile devices or want to use them on your phone but do not know how to set up, you can contact us so that we can guide you with all the correct setting in order to set up a Microsoft account on mobiles or tablets. If you are using an iPhone or android phone, its recommended to download the outlook app from the app store where you can set up Microsoft email accounts without entering any manual settings. In case, you want to use them on the default mail application, then you will need to call us so that we can guide you all the steps in order to configure your Microsoft emails on iPhones and android phones. We also do not recommend linking your Microsoft account to your computer or laptops as in case if you forgot your Microsoft account password or if your account got hijacked, you will not be able to login into your computer as well. You also need to check that your current mobile number and recovery email address is updated in your Microsoft account. In case, your old mobile number is still linked to your account, you will not be able to reset the password.