What Are The Classifications Of Lyophilization Equipment?

  • The complete  gf-machine  Lyophilization equipment   is a complex device that combines the functions of fast, cool, heat drying, control, in-place cleaning and disinfection.

    The Lyophilization Equipment can be classified in different ways.

    1. According to the object, it can be divided into food Lyophilization Equipment and drug Lyophilization Equipment ;

    2. According to the processing capacity, it can be divided into large, medium and small Lyophilization Equipment ;

    3. According to the application, it can be divided into test, pilot test (product intermediate test, freeze-drying process can be used with large-scale production) and production Lyophilization Equipment .

    Lyophilization Equipment are typically pre-frozen in other cryocontainers and a small amount can be carried out in a cold trap. The drying chamber is a transparent bell jar with a built-in stainless steel sample rack. The Lyophilization Equipment has a simple structure and a single control function, and is generally suitable for lyophilization of simple water-soluble samples.

    Process: Pre-freezing is done outside the dry room (either external or cold trap) and then moved into the drying chamber shelf before the vacuum pump can be turned on.

    Disadvantages: Separation of pre-freezing and drying. Refrigeration will no longer continue to be supplied to the sample during the drying phase, and the temperature of the material will rise significantly as the external heat is introduced. If material

    Temperatures above their glass transition temperature or eutectic point temperature will cause the material to collapse or melt, which will have a large impact on the quality of the lyophilized product.