Lyophilization Equipment Manufacturer Introduces The Principle

  • The air curtain cabinet generates high-speed airflow, which divides indoor and outdoor into two independent temperature zones to create a comfortable indoor environment, maintains indoor air conditioning and purifies air, saves energy, and circulates air, effectively isolating dust, smoke, and stinky. Microorganisms such as gas and insects. Preventing cold (warm) gas outflow, saving air gates continuously formed by electricity, effectively preventing cold (warm) gas leakage, saving electricity, dividing indoor and outdoor into two independent temperature zones, assisting in the long-term operation of the freezer The temperature is adjusted cyclically to save energy and improve the environment. Dust-proof and insect-proof effect The air curtain cabinet generates high-speed airflow and forms a protective door, which can effectively block outdoor dust and flying insects and keep the room clean. The following gf-machine   Lyophilization equipment  manufacturer introduces the role of the air curtain cabinet

    The role of the air curtain cabinet
    1. Insulation function: The air curtain cabinet makes it unnecessary for customers such as restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues to constantly enter and exit. This can maintain the indoor cold and warm air temperature with an efficiency of 60-80%. Only a small temperature change is allowed.

    2. pest control function: It can be found that most of the annoying and harmful insects can not pass the wind curtain wall. This will make it easier and more convenient to maintain the health of fruit counters, fast food restaurants and other places.

    3. Dust-proof function: If the air curtain cabinet is installed in the precision machinery factory or in the foyer of the food store or clothing store facing the bus lane, it can effectively shield the dust outside and can be cleaned at 60-80% level. .

    4. preservation function: air curtain cabinet can prevent strange smell from the cabinets such as chemical laboratories or store storage rooms and frozen meat. And can block the harmful gases emitted by the outside car. When how to prevent air conditioning cold and hot air outflow, experts put forward suggestions: air curtain cabinets can be combined with air conditioners and cabinets to effectively solve the problems of air conditioning cold and hot air outflow. 5, negative ion function: manufacture active oxygen, improve lung function, promote metabolism, improve sleep, sterilization, manufacture fresh air, eliminate smoke and dust, prevent myopia, static electricity to prevent hair split.