Vegetable Dryer Machine Manufacturer Introduces Drying Process

  • With the implementation of more agricultural policies in the country, the scale of agricultural and sideline product planting and processing industry has expanded year by year, and there are many types of drying equipment for agricultural and sideline products, mainly mesh belt dryers, drying kiln, box dryers, Air can dry the room and so on. So today the gf-machine Vegetable dryer machine manufacturer takes seafood as an example, specifically the characteristics of the drying process:

    Drying of aquatic products/seafood is generally required at lower temperatures to prevent high temperatures from affecting the dry quality of the product.

    The general water content of seafood is large, so controlling the amount of moisture is an important factor in determining the quality of drying. In addition, since the moisture of seafood is present in the fat, dehydration is difficult, and controlling the rate of dehydration is critical.

    Dry seafood generally has a long cycle, and rapid drying generally destroys the dry quality. It is important to keep the color of dried seafood.

    Drying of seafood generally requires a large amount of circulating air, and the wind speed is relatively high, so as to prevent water vapor from staying on the surface of the material.