Vegetable Dryer Machine Manufacturer Vegetable High Pressure Bu

  • The vegetable high-pressure bubble washing machine is an important product in jujube, vegetable, and water production line, mainly used for cleaning jujube, vegetables and aquatic products.

    The principle of vegetable high-pressure bubble cleaner is mainly to use the appropriate amount of water in the equipment box in the front part of the box, and the water temperature is heated by the heating pipe. When the material passes through the box, it will be rolled under the combination of the bubble machine and the water. And with the mesh belt constantly moving forward, when the water surface, there is a sprinkler, high-pressure washing. The following Vegetable dryer machine Manufacturer will share the seven advantages of the washing machine:

    1. Simple operation, functional cleaning, and drainage are controlled by only 2 knobs, which is easy to operate. Two streams of water are available for selection and are practical.

    2. Ozone sterilization and pesticide degradation function The machine has ozone sterilization and pesticide degradation function. It can kill germs and remove pesticide residues on vegetables. It has the characteristics of no pollution and is truly green cleaning and disinfection.

    3. Separate washing basket adopts unique professional structure design, washing basket can be easily taken out. In this way, after washing, the disinfected vegetables can be directly poured into the wok with the washing basket to avoid secondary pollution and more convenient.

    4. It is convenient to maintain and economical. It can achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization without using various disinfectant detergents, and the user cost is low.

    5. water, electricity, time, and sanitation.

    6. no damage to vegetables, high efficiency, small footprint, safe and reliable.

    7. Simple installation, easy operation, convenient maintenance, and low energy consumption.