Vegetable Processing Machine Manufacturers Share The Characteri

  • Vegetable Processing Machine manufacturers share the characteristics of ozone sterilization:
    1.Ozone can kill bacteria, yeast and Aspergillus 100% in just 1 minute. Ozone water sterilization is different from general sterilization and disinfectant. For example, hypochloric acid (HOCl2), chlorine dioxide (ClO2) sterilization, disinfection is progressive and cumulative, and ozone water sterilization is rapid. When the concentration of ozone exceeds the threshold, disinfection and sterilization will occur instantaneously. If the ozone concentration in the clean water reaches 0.4-0.5ppm, the bacteria can be killed within 0.5~5min.

    2. Safe and reliable
    The decomposition product of ozone is oxygen and does not cause residual pollution. On the other hand, it acts as a gas with good diffusivity and uniform concentration, especially in high humidity environments, which is more practical than UV lamps, and is easy to operate, safe and reliable. Ozone has no effect on the human body.

    3. Cheap price
    It takes only 0.8 yuan to produce 1 ton of ozone water with a concentration of 0.5 to 1.5 ppm. It is a cheap disinfectant in the world.