Reasonable And Strict Use Of Vegetable Processing Machine Equi

  • With the use and operation day after day, vegetable processing machines with slightly inferior quality will have various defects in one or two years, while machines with high quality will also have more or less minor defects after three or five years of use, thus affecting the service life of the machines.

    Vegetable Processing Machine are widely used in central kitchens, food factories, clean vegetable processing, raw and cooked meat processing, vegetable and meat distribution centers, etc., and are essential production equipment and tools.

    In order to prolong the service life of food machinery equipment, first of all, high-quality food machinery production equipment must be hung on the purchase. Only high-quality lettuce equipment can have a long service life and can truly save labor costs. How to maintain and maintain high-quality vegetable processing equipment?

    First, you must strictly follow the instructions to operate the vegetable processing machine equipment you purchased, not too hard or too soft, and it is strictly prohibited to process foods with oxidation.

    Two, vegetable processing machine equipment shut down must clean up the food residue, including the whole equipment also need to do some cleaning and maintenance.

    Three, vegetable processing machine equipment does not use or stop working, the equipment power supply must be turned off, and wiped clean, and then neat and neat.

    Four, there are many details also need regular inspection and maintenance.