How Big Data Consulting can be Improve Crop Yield

  • Agriculture is the backbone of a healthy civilization. It would be completely irresponsible to not connect agriculture with technology to maximize sustainable farming.

    The collection and analysis of big data is the one way of innovative solutions. big data consulting experts can predict the future to benefit crop yield by collecting information and providing visual analytical reports. This is how the groundwork is established.

    The processed data and specific variables can generate statistical models and research solutions for inquiries via user-friendly and comprehensive results.



    Why Big Data should be used in Farming?

    Farming too has a bottom line like any other business. It’s crucial to cut cost and drive profits. However, the availability of abundant variables makes it difficult to find the farming bottom line. This is where big data comes in.

    Big data makes cost estimation feasible, which enable farmers to determine their operations along with a way to make the processes more productive & profitable.

    To motivate more and more farmers to use big data to improve profits, the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) is facilitating far-reaching data research access. This is the digital revolution for farming in which the big data platforms strives to provide valuable guidance to steer a new era for sustainable farming and handling issues smoothly.

    CGIAR is developing methods, which can be used to analyze data to improve productivity, predict future challenges and create solutions to unavoidable challenges. By leveraging big data in farming offers a new perspective on the efficient farming process that can be used to fuel-up positive change in food production.

    How Data can be Converted into Decisions?

    Collecting data is easy but filtering it and transforming into valuable information can be a bit of a task. Besides, using this valuable information to alter the decision-making process is more than challenging in most organizations. As a result, big data has to be converted and standardized in the form of statics so that it can be beneficial.

    Farming includes an enormous economic cost. But, once it’s merged with technology, finding a sustainable solution is easy. Moreover, according to experts, big data is predicted to increase almost 14% of the crop yielding by 2022.

    Drones can examine fields for a possible problem. Sensors can collect data on water, soil, and wind. Plants can be monitored to test their nutritional intake. In addition, the

    capability of big data to work perfectly with IoT is the cherry on the top. This drastically streamlines the modern farming approach.



    Precision Planting has demonstrated their ability to convert data into significant advancement by addressing agronomic issues. By reviewing the capabilities of the current tools of farmers, Precision Planting minimizes their efforts, money, and enhances the liquid application, planting, and harvest operation. It’s not just simple, but it also saves a lot of time without scarifying the food quality or relying on harmful chemicals.

    Allowing farmers to analyze data for increased production and profit through Precision Planting guarantees that planted seeds sustain a high-quality crop.

    This information proves that the time is near when every farmer in every location will start using Big Data Consulting experts for augmenting their crop production.