How to Configure a account using IMAP

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    Many people do not realize this but IMAP is very important if you want to retrieve emails from a server. All the messages that are exchanged in a day are stored in the server and every time you check your inbox, your email client will relay a message to the server and you will get your messages. In the case of POP3, your messages get saved or downloaded to your computer thus giving you the freedom to sync your account on many portals. If you ever decide to shift from POP3 to IMAP, only the new messages will move from the server to the device. And just like this, when you move from email to AOL you need to configure the IMAP settings in so that you will be able to retrieve or restore your emails from the server. So if you want to know how you can configure a account using IMAP, then you can proceed. However, if you want to access the information or steps from certified employees, you can contact Verizon customer support number.

    The steps that are included in configuring isn’t difficult as the IMAP server and port settings will remain the same. All you need to do is to make sure that you have enabled the SSL and use your full and valid email address.

    Steps to configure using IMAP setting:

    Incoming IMAP mail server setting details.

    • Account name: IMAP
    • The Username: input your email address.
    • Account Password: input your email password.
    • The Server name must be
    • Server port: 993
    • Authentication: yes.
    • Enable SSL/TLS: yes.

    Outgoing SMTP mail server setting details.

      • Account type: SMTP
      • Username: email address
      • Password: email password
      • The Server hostname:
      • Server port number: 465
    • Authentication required: yes
    • Enable SSL/TLS: yes.

    These are the steps that are included while configuring using IMAP setting. Put the correct server name and port number to avoid unnecessary complication and hindrances. If you require further assistance, you may call Verizon technical support number


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