MapleStory Gets Major Content Upgrade

  • Another massive content update has hit the joy of MapleStory, brimming with new characters, items, and events which are sure to hold players' attention for rest on the year. This time around, joining the ranks in the Cygnus Knights has become made easier, and a fresh boss and mini-dungeons are already added. Here's a rundown with the items is within the update:

    Cygnus Knight
    The Cygnus Knight is now able to be created from the clean slate, meaning that players won't need to 20+ level character to MapleStory 2 Mesos create the stellar Knight.

    Find Party Member Updated
    To accommodate the revolutionary availability on the Cygnus Knight, the Find Party Member window continues to be enlarged allowing players to feature the Knight in their parties.

    New Tutorial
    A new tutorial has become added for that Noblesses and that is CK-specific.

    New boss added with lots of new quests
    11 new quests have been added order to offer players the chance fight against the newest Balrog boss. Along with these new quests and boos comes new maps and items being dropped. To add a little bit of variety, there's two difficulty settings to pick from: Easy and Normal.

    Talking Bosses
    Now players aren't really the only ones to communicate in their minds in whole world of MapleStory. Bosses have right now been given the capability to talk, similar to all the other NPCs amongst gamers

    More titles to supply players benefits
    Many new titles are actually added to supply players more perks for accomplishing different tasks. Some new titles in an attempt to obtain will be the Outstanding Citizen, Lovely Pet Owner, Monster Expert, along with a lot more.

    New mini dungeons
    Two new mini dungeons are already added towards the map, one out of Drake's Blew Cave in Sleepywood, along with the other in Red nose Pirates' hideout in Herb Town.

    There undoubtedly are a couple new events taking place that can give players the ability to obtain many new items, and them busy to the time to come.

    The Gold Richie events
    Gold Richie is going to be sending players by having a few new events that will give them some valuable circumstances to use saved. The first event has players in search of parts to help you Richie complete his Golden Compass. Once that may be complete, players will then be capable of go to his treasure island where they may have to get golden eggs. Doing this will grant the members the possibility to obtain many scrolls, belts, equipment, and also the like. But if players get a certain form of golden egg, then they'll have the capacity to trade Richie the egg for EXP instead.

    The second event is a where on certain days, Richie can give out the ability to trade him for odd items. If players are lucky, he or she even provide two valuable chairs: the Star Chair, and also the Red Chair.

    Witch's Tower event
    The Witch's Tower event can give players the opportunity win two new items: the Pink Bean Hat, along with the Pink Bean Suit. The tower has two difficulty settings: Normal and Hard, but in any case, players are certain to get the hat and/or suit by completing it.  Now more ways to buy bargain Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos, as an example, visit official MMOAH site.