Moving Costs in Brisbane: What to Know

  • Moving is a painstakingly difficult task. You have to keep track of a lot of things and make sure that all your belongings are transported to your new home in a timely manner. Considering how little time you have for managing all the different aspects of moving, it is best to start planning for it beforehand. If you are moving to Brisbane or relocating within the city, then you should determine the costs involved in this process first. The following are some of the moving costs that you will have to know about while creating a budget for your relocation.


    Packing is the first thing you need to consider when calculating moving costs. Whether you are hiring a removalist for moving your stuff or not, you will have to pack the items into boxes yourself. In order to get the packing done, you will need boxes and bubble wrap to ensure the safety of your belongings. All of this can cost you up to $200.


    Before you leave the apartment, you need to clean it as well. There are two ways of handling this task. You can choose to do it yourself or get a professional cleaning service to do it for you. The DIY approach will save you money but it will require a lot of effort and time which you don’t have. Therefore, it is best to hire a cleaner to get the old place cleaned up. Depending on how big your place is, you might have to end up paying up to $300 for getting it professionally cleaned.


    Lastly, you will have to hire a removalist to ensure that the moving goes smoothly. You can get quotes from various removalists and then decide which one is offering you the best value for money. The cost of hiring the removalist depends on where you are moving and how much stuff you are taking with you. It can cost you up to $900.