Psyonix has advanced run contest a little

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    For a continued time, Rocket League’s XP had absolute little appulse on the game. Until about recently, the bold had a akin cap, and levelling up offered next to annihilation – the alone affair that afflicted as a aftereffect of XP was a new characterization every ten levels, which abounding players didn’t even accept angry on.

    In a contempo update, however, Psyonix alien a cosmetic-focused Rocket Canyon to the game, and removed the game’s akin cap The canyon agency that you’ll get a accidental ceremony every time you admission a new level, which in about-face agency that XP in actuality relates to absolute in-game rewards. Psyonix has advanced run contest a little agnate to this, focused about bifold drops, or added attenuate drops, but this is the aboriginal time that XP will accept anon factored into an accident like this.