It is necessary to choose High quality garden hose

  • The garden tube in the hose is widely used because of its bright color, beautiful appearance and soft texture. Some families will use this kind of tube for convenience of our life. Cheap garden tubes also have woven layers inside to improve the service life. However, the service life, appearance, smell, compressive strength, tensile strength and working pressure are obviously different due to different prices.

    What if it is a high quality garden hose? The enumeration methods are as follows:

    1. Odor is one of the most obvious distinguishing methods except appearance. New unopened products can be smelled immediately if they are taken out with or without peculiar smell. The pungent smell is emitted from polybrominated diphenyl ether contained in inferior polyvinyl chloride made of PVC materials. This component is increasingly harmful to human beings and the natural environment. Its smell has strong persistence and fat solubility, and is harmful to human liver and nervous system, and even causes cancer.

    2. Poor compression resistance results in poor adaptability to the environment and poor bonding strength. Hoses are easy to harden in cold weather and easy to break when in use. Some pipes feel quite soft in winter because cold-resistant plasticizer is added in the production of pipes. However, this component is a chronic poison to human body and will also have adverse effects on the health of people who often use it.

    3. If the braided layer is made of inferior polyester material, the inner layer, the outer layer and the middle braided layer will not bond firmly and will peel off easily, which will affect the working pressure and service life.

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