High temperature resistant garden hose is more and more popular

  • Yuyao Gaozhan is an export-oriented enterprise, established in 2009, specializing in the production of garden tools and garden hoses. Today we will introduce a magic flexible hose, which has outstanding high temperature resistant technology.

    High temperature resistant plastic hose has the characteristics of pressure resistance, wear resistance, etc. High temperature resistant plastic hose is widely used and has become the "darling" of more and more people.

    Its main purposes are:

    1. Mining, agriculture and water resources, civil engineering, food, petroleum and chemical industry.

    2. Health care and vacuum powder, granule, water, oil, chemical raw materials, food transported by other departments, abrasion, such as dust, powder, and fibreglass.

    3. High temperature resistant plastic hose is an ideal substitute for PVC, rubber and conductive hose.

    4. High temperature resistant plastic hoses are widely used in irrigation, mining, oil depots, sandblasting, food, medicine and indoor gas, powder, dust emissions and absorption in other fields.

    Gaozhan is committed to providing high-quality pipe products to customers, and each production workshop is equipped with a tensile testing machine and a pressure testing machine for quality supervision personnel to conduct comprehensive testing and analysis of the products, so as to improve the quality rate of the products.

    We adhere to the business philosophy of "honesty, service, professionalism and innovation" and the quality tenet of "customer satisfaction and pursuit of excellence".

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