Top Traditional Foods To Try in UK During Easter

  • Just like any other country in the world, UK has its own share of scrumptious traditional Easter foods, which range from the hot cross buns and chocolate eggs to the absolutely delightful Simnel cake. Got budget constraints? No problem. This season, plenty of rewards program sites are giving away exciting coupons and offers. Wondering how to win prizes online? Simply sign up for free and participate, that’s it. 

    Now the main question is, what are the top traditional foods that you ought to try in UK during Easter? Have a look at the list given below: 

    Baked ham 

    Stuffed, baked hams are a delicacy at any Easter party, particularly the ones prepared in accordance with the traditional recipe involving apricot stuffing, a recipe that is believed to have originated in Oxfordshire. 

    Simnel cake 

    Signifying the cessation of the 40-day long Lent, a Simnel cake is prepared using lots of spices, fruits and of course, marzipan. The latter is layered on top of the cake, and decorated with almond paste balls. Some places even choose to use small Easter eggs instead of almond balls. 

    Spring lamb 

    Lamb is a favourite meat of several nations in the UK during Easter, which is why spring lamb is considered a delicacy for the occasion. A stuffed, simple roasted lamb leg is definitely a favourite of many. Plus, it tastes even better when served with bacon, parsley and pungent garlic. Make sure you know how to win prizes online to keep your shopping expenses low. 

    Jam tarts 

    Jam tarts are another popular Easter delicacy and extremely easy to prepare. You can choose to utilise a single flavour of jam, or multiple to have the tarts in different shades. Also, use lemon curd to fill the small tart shells for some extra fun. 

    Hot cross buns 

    The secret behind the popularity of hot cross buns is the way that they are prepared. In other words, the dough used for making them is embedded with candied peel and dried fruits, and then flavoured using coriander seeds, nutmeg, caraway and cinnamon. Once the baked buns are ready, they are layered with thin strips of dough of flour and butter. 

    So this Easter, if you’re in UK, or planning a trip there, why not take your taste palate for a spin and give these traditional Easter foods a try.