New ocean park to open next summer in Lingang

  • Shanghai citizens will be able to see polar bears, penguins and white whales at an ocean park soon that is scheduled to open in Pudong before August 22 next year. A one-year countdown ceremony was held on Tuesday when the park — Shanghai Haichang Polar Ocean World — signed an agreement with the administrative committee of the Lingang New City in Pudong. Covering 30 hectares, the park will have six large exhibition venues, two cinemas and four sites for visitors to watch animal performances or interact with the animals.

    Some other entertainment facilities are also being built near the ocean park, such as an ice world and a planetarium. The ice world claims it will have the largest indoor ski slope in the world. Visitors can even ski to the slope directly from their hotel rooms after it is opened in 2019. The Shanghai Planetarium, also said to be the largest of its kind in the world, is scheduled to open in 2020.Under the theme “thisCONNECTION — Sharing a Future Public Space,” the three-month event will display a variety of different trends for the future of urban development, the city's top planning body said over the weekend. "We will discuss architecture, the city, art performance, dance and music, as well as study how to combine the traditional and contemporary arts to attract seniors, youngsters and children," Li Xiangning, a professor with Tongji University and one of the main curators of the art season told a preview event for the urban exhibition.