The gigantic list of every team's all-time roster

  • buy mt released a trailer for their new all-time teams feature along with a complete list of every team's roster. There are a few players I might have substituted and some glaring omissions, but overall this is a most impressive blend of sports history and technological brilliance. Take a look at the trailer and then the gigantic list of every team's all-time roster: NBA 2K18 will bring the greatest players of all-time, from every franchise, to compete on the virtual hardwood for the very first time.

    Which franchise's All-Time Team reigns supreme? Users tweet their selection out to their followers who can then make their own choice in the matchup. This strategy allows the 2K team to showcase the classic teams they're featuring plus it sparks a debate among fans and builds their excitement for the game.

    It's unclear whether the other 45 teams included in last year's game will be included in this year's. In the past, 2K has kept some teams around and dropped a few others — we'll see if they adopt that strategy this year. On top of these classic teams, this year’s version of the game will also allow users to play with their favorite team's all-time rosters. So what do you think? Is NBA 2K doing the right thing with their classic team rosters? Who are they missing? Let us know.Click Here