FIFA 18 FIFA Street! Leaked Footage from FIFA 18 Gamescom 2017

  • FIFA 18 FIFA Street! Leaked Footage from FIFA 18 Gamescom 2017 fifa 18 ultimate team coins demo at Gamescom 2017 might have leaked a massive new feature that PS4 and Xbox One fans have been demanding for years - FIFA Street! A video has come out of Gamescom saying FIFA 18 will feature FIFA Street, like MyPark in NBA2K. 

    The 'leaked' footage was posted on Twitter yesterday and appears to show a couple of gamers playing a new FIFA 18 version of FIFA Street.FIFA Steet, for those who don't remember, was a spin off game from EA Sports which was based on street football and pitted world stars head-to-head on a five-a-side pitch. However, the inclusion of such a mode goes completely against what EA Sports producers told The Sun's Dream Team earlier this year. 

    Whether this new mode turns out to be legit is impossible to say for the time being, especially with such grainy footage, but there has been at least one BIG new FIFA 18 reveal from Gamescom that's completely legit - the first gameplay footage from the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18! Back in 2005, EA went BIG with football. The EA BIG name had been used previously for SSX, NBA Street, Freekstyle, NFL Street and Def Jam Vendetta but then it was used for football. And the whole world changed for the better. FIFA Street brought the skills of street football to the gaming world and featured Ronaldinho on the front cover. Nothing was more fun than embarrassing your mates with flicks and tricks and going past them over and over