FIFA 18 Demo Release Date Leaks Early on XBOX ONE Store!

  • FIFA 18 Demo Release Date Leaks Early on XBOX ONE Store! buy fifa coins Demo release date has leaked on XBOX ONE store although it can not be downloaded yet! Yes, you can found the FIFA 18 Demo on the XBOX ONE Store, complete with a September 15 release date and a 7.3GB file size. You can access the demo page by selecting the Ronaldo Nazario ICON Loan after searching for FIFA 18 content. New Zealand will be one of the first to get the demo – which, technically, will arrive a day before it lands in the UK and Europe. FIFA 17's demo launched on September 13 before a full September 27 release date last year, and FIFA 16's demo was similarly on both PSN and Xbox Live a full fortnight before the finished game. EA themselves haven't confirmed a release date for the demo, but The Daily Star had previously also reported that the taster would be available 2 weeks before FIFA 18 hits shelves.Watch below YouTube video about“NEW FIFA 18 DEMO SECRET LEAKED!!” uploaded by DTT, one of the best FIFA YouTuber for FIFA 18. The FIFA 18 demo does appear on the Xbox One console, but not the Xbox website. Of course, likely posted in error, Microsoft may remove the listing ahead of an official announcement by EA Sports. As for what will be included in the demo, both newspapers suggest that FIFA 18's teaser will be much the same code players experienced at various gaming conventions over the Summer. This means teams like Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich, PSG, LA Galaxy and Toronto FC should be playable.Read More