Rookies to Target in Madden 18 Franchise Draft

  • How Draft Boards Work In Madden 18 Franchise Mode Incheap mut 18 coins, EA Sports introduced a new draft boards feature in franchise mode but when it came down to it, it was really just a watch list feature. Building upon that for Madden 18, EA Sports has improved the draft boards feature in franchise mode to make it much more useful. When searching through draft prospects, all you have to do is click Y/triangle to add that player to your draft board. Once you’ve added players to your draft board, you can then move the players up and down to re-order your draft board. Now even if you miss your draft in NFL Coins, the CPU will follow your draft board for the most part. There are a few rules that the computer follows like not drafting more than 2 players at the same position in any draft.Here is a quick video that goes over how draft boards will work in Madden 18.Run head first into the linebackers without protecting the ball. Throw passes into double and triple coverage. If you can’t score a point then you will never win a game ever, best case scenario is a tie. So turning the ball over before you have a chance to score is your best move when trying to lose. Don’t listen to these tips Madden gives you if you want to lose:Does your opponent have a brick wall for a defensive line? Go ahead and run the ball. Are the ball hawks drooling waiting for any pass in their direction? Throw up a lob in their vicinity. Losing this way is very simple. It is just like traveling, if you had to go over water, you wouldn’t do it with a car, if you had to travel by air you wouldn’t do it with a train. How to win with this information: attack their weaknesses once you have found out their strengths, football is the ultimate team sport and where there is weakness there is opportunity.