Runescape Free Quest Guide: Pirate’s Treasure

  • Start place:
    Port Sarim,
    Talk to Redbeard Frank.

    2 Quest Points.
    450 Coins.
    1 Cut Emerald.
    1 Gold Ring.
    Quick access option to be able to Karamja.

    Necessary objects:
    60 Coins.


    Port Sarim

    At fist please prepare more Rs Gold.

    1. Talk to the pirate and he'll almost certainly tell you where there exists a treasure with a condition, he wants a package of Karamja Rum.

    2. - Take the vessel to Karamja, and when you turn up, buy a Karamja Rum from the Bar.

    3. - If you make an effort to board the boat while using the bottle in your inventory they may revitalize it and go on it from you, so go to the cabin nearby the port and ask for work within the banana plantation. Choose the option: "Could you offer me employment in your plantation? "

    4. - To fill the box you may need 10 bananas, collect them and put them within the box (marked on the map →), then use your bottle of rum with the box to hide this inside. Then he talks again with all the guy in the cabin to acknowledge that the box will be full and send this to Port Sarim.

    5. - Once in Port Sarim see a fishing shop and take the White Apron that is certainly hanging on the walls.

    6. - Now ask for work inside shop that is to the south, selecting the option: "Can i get work here? ".

    7. - Put on your current white apron, go to the cellar and check in the box of bananas to get your bottle of rum.

    8. - When you provide the bottle to the pirate, he will give that you simply key and tells you the treasure is in the Blue Moon Inn, when you get approximately the second floor along with open the chest with all the key they gave you.

    9. - Now you will obtain a note that says the spot that the real treasure is:

    Visit the city from the White Knights. In the park,
    Saradomin points to your X that marks the point.

    10. - Go to Falador, take the shovel on the town (MAPA), and use it to dig with the indicated point. Click on the shovel and also a gardener will attack people, kill it and search again.

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