5 New RuneScape Ocean's Archer Corrective Tokens Accessible on


    The aboriginal Treasure Hunter “Ocean's Alliance - The Archer” in 2018 has been accessible in game, during which you can accretion 5 new corrective tokens to alleviate the new outfits. Amuse apprehend on to apprentice whether they can draw your absorption and buy bargain Runescape 2007 Gold from us.

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    Available time for Ocean’s Alliance - The Archer

    Until 23:59 UTC (game time) on January 15, 2018, the new Treasure Hunter advance will accommodate 5 new Ocean's Archer corrective tokens, unlocking the Ocean’s outfits.

    Available items during the promotion

    During the period, 5 new kinds of tokens can be acquired on TH, including:

    1. Ocean's Archer Bow token: It can alleviate the Ocean's Archer Bow override.

    2. Ocean's Archer Head token: It is acclimated to alleviate the Ocean's Archer Head override.

    3. Ocean's Archer Crossbow token: It can alleviate the Ocean's Archer Crossbow and the Ocean's Archer Off-hand Crossbow override.

    4. Ocean's Archer Body and Calmly token: This is acclimated for the Ocean's Archer Body and the calmly override.

    5. Ocean's Archer Legs and Anxiety token: It unlocks the Ocean's Archer Legs and anxiety override.

    Please agenda that if you would like to complete the aloft set fast, the tokens aswell can be traded afore redemption.

    Expect added Ocean’s apparel later

    In the afterward months, added Ocean’s Alliance corrective apparel will be added, with the Archer just the start. Don’t you attending advanced to see them soon?

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