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  • When the film leaps to the present, Adelaide is Lupita Nyong’o, married to Gabe Wilson (Winston Duke), who adds comic relief as a sometimes oblivious guy who tells bad dad jokes. Their teenage daughter, Zora (Shahadi Wright Joseph), is always on her phone. Their younger child, Jason (Evan Alex) unaccountably wears a mask on top of his head. They are at the family beach house, conveniently near to the scene of Adelaide’s childhood trauma.

    The action picks up when the doubles invade the house. Each of the actors has a dual role, and Peele has directed them with such nuance that the slight differences – the doppelgangers’ faces remain예스카지노
    still no matter how violent they become – are more alarming than exact duplicates might have been. The film centres around Nyong’o, whose performance as the double is especially eerie. Her voice is croaky and halting, as if she has not spoken in years, as she resentfully tells a story about a girl