The most mysterious character in World of Warcraft-N'Zoth 2

  • The most mysterious character in World of Warcraft-N'Zoth 2


    N'Zoth, one of the ancient gods in Azeroth detained by the Titan, N'Zoth is mainly responsible for creating the "Starfire" of the Emerald Nightmare, and he is also the main cause of the corruption of the Deathwing. N'Zoth is hostile to two other ancient gods, C'thun and Yoggsalon.
    It is the most active of the four ancient gods, driving Nesario to the edge of madness. He may also be one of the reasons for the death wings to oppose dragons in the battle of ancient times. N'Zoth may also be one of the secret words to Queen Azshara during the Big Bang. When Malfurion had a nightmare in the Rift of Darkness (Orn Rift), he felt an "ancient evil" based on the Emerald Dream, from a deep sea in Azeroth.

    That might be N'Zoth. We naturally thought that N'Zoth might be in Vasquel. There are a lot of tentacles like Jugsalon around the sea shell bed and scalding pits, which may be against the tentacles that may be N'Zoth.
    And there is a mission that says that three cannibal magicians (summoning tentacles in the sea shell bed) are begging for dark power, which may indicate the existence of an ancient god. Perhaps the greatest evidence of the existence of the ancient gods in Die Home. Of course, the specific situation of all needs players to go to the area and judge by themselves. Cheap WOW Classic Gold is now on sale in MMOWTS, where players can buy a lot of gold at the lowest cost to help them develop quickly in the game.

    During the Cataclysm, Twilight believers attempted to resurrect the giant faceless "Slither Saugers" on the Black Coast, killed by the Titan Stone Giants, at the command of Deathwing. And the giant tentacle monsters appearing in the Twilight Highlands, the Nightmare Giants, herald the emergence of this new ancient god. It is as early as mentioned in the official novel that the third ancient god, N'Zoth, the god of nightmare. This ancient god, who has not yet shown his true face, is hiding in the center of the Great Vortex.

    N'Zoth started a bloody battle with other ancient gods in the Dark Empire long before the Titans came to Azeroth. Although its power is not as good as other ancient gods, N'Zoth's cunningness is also in the dark The empire has a place ... However, the Titans took advantage of the civil war of the ancient gods to print all the ancient gods one by one deep in the ground, trying to imprison them. But the ancient gods are not obedient. They have been planning in the underground of Azeroth, ready to re-rule the world at any time. Browse, there are a lot of the cheapest World of Warcraft gold and weapons waiting for you to discover.

    Compared with several other ancient gods, N'Zoth controls the endless army of faceless men, and the nightmare legion that lurks in the emerald dream as quickly as a tumor, but he did not immediately attack, but hidden deep, Ready to take over the world when Azeroth is exhausted.