CLASSIC WOW: The honor system is now fully open

  • CLASSIC WOW: The honor system is now fully open


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    Introduction to the honor system


    When you kill other players of similar rank, you can get honor kill. The system will accumulate the total number of honor kills you have received in a week, giving an honor score that corresponds to a certain honor level. Honor levels mean title and material rewards, as well as final official status and other bonuses.


    The method of judging honors is quite complicated, and several judging rules are included in the process of counting the number of honor kills and giving a week of honor levels. However, when a player kills a similar level of target, all they see is a simple message: "Honor Kill." The game cannot display the honor score for each kill. In addition, your weekly honor score will be calculated based on your contribution to the team, which is the percentage of your team's total honor score for the week.


    Team up with other players, all players in the team will be honored to kill. In fact, honor kills are similar to experience. As with the experience value calculation method, the player will also receive extra honor points for the team due to the honor kill. At this time, the method of determining whether the attack is an honor kill is similar to the method of determining whether the kill kill can obtain an experience value. If you kill a monster of this level to gain experience, then killing the same level of opposing players (that is, their level is not gray) is also considered an honor kill.


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    In some cases, the player may kill one or more opposing players in the team with other players. At this point, we will no longer use the monster attribution rules to prevent other teams from winning the honor. If multiple teams want to kill a player, all teams will receive a corresponding percentage of honor score based on the damage they cause to the player. For example, suppose two players kill a rival player together. Player A is a player who is alone, inflicting 35% damage on the target; Player B is a team player, dealing 65% damage to the target.



    Player A will receive a 35% Honor Kill score, while Player B's team will receive a 65% Honor Score. Before the team assigns the honor score, the team honor bonus will be added first. Needless to say, even if some of the players in the team are not involved in the battle (perhaps because they are doing treatment work), they will also receive honor points; in short, as long as the team kills the opposing players, they will receive honor points.