• It is a very easy and fast way to transfer messages from one place to another in no time. Among all of the e-mail service providers in the world, Hotmail is favored the most due to its incredible qualities. This email service is an old email server that was introduced in the year 1996 by Microsoft.

    The Hotmail has a bunch of support teams who are skilled in case of any minor to major issue in accessing the email services. Occasionally any person may need the Hotmail support for problems like Hotmail login problem, Hotmail email problem, Hotmail hacked account problem etc. The users can also access the Hotmail Customer service phone number to get fast and easy solutions.

    Here we are going to be talking concerning the e-mail hacking issues:

    • Username/password not correct
    • Wrong domain selected e.g.,, etc.
    • Password is case sensitive.
    • Account blocked for some reasons.
    • Servers be down temporarily.
    • Recent password changes.

    The term hacking means that lawlessly accessing an email account and doing wicked tasks. These tasks may contain:

    • Sending undesirable mails to others
    • Spamming
    • Altering the password of the account.
    • Enter into your personal info in emails.
    • Use your email for other malicious deeds.
    • Try normal steps to check if you can get back your account access:
    • Please check if your username or positive identification is correct or not and “caps lock” is on or not.
    • Attempt to choice the precise domain from the drop down list e.g.,, etc.
    • Some accounts might be blocked.
    • Please check if your internet is working fine or not and also the Hotmail server is doing well.
    • Kindly try and recall if your password is modified recently and apply that password instead.

    If you feel that your account has been hacked, you can try the following things:

    ü  Attempt to remember the password you last set

    ü  Attempt to recover the password by exploitation the choice of password recovery.

    ü  Attempt to access your account by exploiting the secondary email choice.

    After you are exhausted of trying these possibilities, you can contact the Hotmail Customer service phone number for getting the Hotmail hacked account problem help. The service team is waiting for the solution. Their support is available 24*7 hours and you will get aid n support by skilled technician.