Cationic Fabric Are Not Wear-resistant Fabrics

  • The cationic fabric(WANSHIYITEX) is because one of the yarns is a specially treated cationic yarn, such as cationic polyester/cationic nylon. Because of the high-temperature resistance of cations, cationic fabrics will not be coloured when polyester is coloured. Therefore, there will be a two-colour effect. If different dyes are used, even the same yarn will have different colours.

    Distinguishing cations usually use chemical agents to fade. Generally, 60~100 degrees of water will not cause the cationic yarn to fade. A cation is characterized by two-colour effect, which can replace some dyed two-colour fabrics to reduce costs, but it can't do anything in the face of multi-colour dyed fabrics. It is also an old product. Widely used inlining, curtain fabric and decorative fabric.

    Cationic fabrics are not wear-resistant fabrics. Cationic fabrics generally use cationic yarns in the warp direction and ordinary polyester yarns in the weft direction. Dyes are also used for dyeing respectively. Ordinary dyes are used for polyester yarns and cationic dyes are used for cationic yarns. The cloth surface effect will have a two-color effect.

    A cation is woven from two different all-polyester raw materials, which is similar to the above, except that it contains modified polyester fibre. This modified polyester fibre and ordinary polyester fibre are coloured with different dyes. Cation fabric can be dyed with two colours, one for polyester and one for cation, so it can have a two-color effect and is characterized by bright colour.

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