What Are People Saying in the Bathmate Reviews?

  • Based on commentary on the internet, many men have stated they experienced girth and thickness gains from using the Bathmate. Others have noted their results also included by definitive length gains.

    For those that wish to increase the size of their penis, reports such as this may certainly prove encouraging. Considering the fact there have been so many scam male enhancement products on the market, the arrival of a water pump which is associated with claims of definitive size improvement is worth noting.

    The speed in which Official Bathmate results have been achieved may vary from customer to customer. Some have reported immediate results and others have stated they have seen gains start around the fourth week of using the pump.

    I’ve been consistently pumping for about a year now. I was surprised at how well the Bathmate works. It’s comfortable to use, and there’s no loud motor like other pumps. A great product for anyone looking for results!”
    Alex, UK

    I first heard about the Bathmate from a friend of mine. I was a little bit skeptical at first. He then even asked me to take a look at his member! I started laughing and asked him to prove it. When he did reveal all, I was quite impressed with the size. He had been using the Bathmate for over 6 months and his penis looked healthy! I knew he was not that big before as we used to share showers in health clubs. I went ahead and ordered a couple of days later and boy am I happy I did”
    Ryan, NY

    Recommendation and Conclusion

    Men who have used the hydro pump have experienced growth over a period of time. The pump will not enlarge the penis in a matter of days. You need to use it consistently and monitor your size change. Users have reported changes in permanent size after 3+ months use. Many penis enlargement forums have users who are satisfied with the Bathmate and use it daily just by itself or as part of an enlargement programme where they also do penile exercise.

    Also you need to be realistic if you are going to purchase the Bathmate. It is not some magical pump that will increase size in a matter of days. Enlargement will take time as mentioned earlier. How large can you get? Being realistic 1-3 inches maximum.

    I would advise you to purchase the Bathmate hydro pump from the official website at Hydromax Bathmate Pump This eliminates the risk of getting a counterfeit pump because unfortunately they are out there.