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light gauge
steel https://www.pthhouse.com/case/light-gauge-light/ structure, as a new type of fabricated house, is a
new type of structure that is energy-saving, environment-friendly and safe.
Under the state's policy of prohibiting the use of red bricks, light steel
structure has also become a choice of housing form in rural areas. Moreover, the
wall thickness of light steel structure houses is only half of that of
traditional houses, and the occupancy rate is 10% more than that of traditional
brick-concrete structure houses.

At the same time, it has the advantages of short construction
period, high precision and light structure, and is only about one-fifth of brick
and tile structure and about one-eighth of reinforced concrete structure, so the
construction cost is not too high.

Moreover, the important thing is that in terms of seismic
resistance, the traditional brick-concrete structure is "a big piece", so light
steel villas are suitable for earthquake-prone areas, and due to their own
characteristics of using steel materials, they will not corrode, mildew or
moth-eaten, and the service life of buildings will be about 90 years or

The steel used in PTH light steel structure is very
environment-friendly and is suitable for the national environmental protection
policy. In addition, the construction process has less wet operation, less
noise, less dust, less construction waste, less damage to the land during
construction, and the steel can be 100% recycled, thus greatly reducing the
generation of construction waste and truly realizing the concept of green

These are all traditional brick-concrete structures that cannot
be done well. Therefore, light steel villas are more reliable in terms of
practicality and safety, and will also be favored by the rural

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