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Soft PVC garden water pipe materials contain harmful substances
such as plasticizers, heavy metals, phthalates and the like, and the general use
temperature of soft PVC garden water pipe materials is-15-60 DEG C, and the
light and heat stability are poor. When the temperature is above 100℃ or under
illumination, the property will drop rapidly. The softening point is 80℃, and it
will start to decompose and change color at 130℃, and harmful substances will be
separated out, giving off unpleasant smell. Brittle cracking will occur at low

With the continuous expansion of the water pipe industry market,
various small and medium-sized enterprises are numerous. In order to occupy the
market share, many manufacturers produce low-end products to replace inferior
ones and produce water pipes that are harmful to human bodies and the
environment in order to reduce costs.

So where should high quality garden
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With the continuous development of social economy, people
gradually realize the harm of PVC water pipes, many people choose to use TPE
environmental protection water pipes, and then many manufacturers begin to use
TPE garden water pipes.

TPE garden water pipe is an environment-friendly material. SEBS
is mainly used as the base material. TPE garden water pipe does not contain
harmful substances such as plasticizers, halogens, heavy metals, etc. TPE garden
water pipe materials are temperature-resistant and weather-resistant, will not
soften at high temperatures, will not precipitate harmful substances, and are
nontoxic and tasteless. TPE Garden Water Hose, as a hot sale water
hose, also has the advantages that the length of the
water hose can be extended by 3 times after water is filled, and the original
length can be automatically retracted after water is cut off. Compared with
traditional rubber water pipes or PVC water pipes, TPE Garden Water Hose is
lighter, smaller in size and convenient to carry and store. Strong and durable,
easy to wind, not easy to knot and other advantages.

Yuyao Gaozhan is an export-oriented enterprise, established in
2009, specializing in the production of garden tools and garden

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